Digi-Pam is here to help all business change to “digital printing”. Digital printing is the method of using a QR Code to share information replacing conversational paper.

Our mission is; create a world where a paper is a luxury, not a necessity.

No longer do businesses of any size need to pay extreme prices for a fixed flyer, menu, brochure or any other types of printed pages.

Digi-Pam allows you to share a document with your potential customers by creating QR Codes with this information. Furthermore, we will create a format for your business and set up all these QR codes in a professional manner. More so, your document is not limited by size or volume. If you traditionally only create a 1000 flyers or print 3 small A5 pages or re-design your menu every year, it is time for a change.

Digi-Pam allows you to take control. Documents the size you want. The volume is unlimited. Your menu may be designed every 3 months.

Your document, your decision, your pleasurer.

Not only will you and your business save money and become more environmentally friendly. You will satisfy your customers like never before.